Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In Council

Finally I got a word from our CSO that our case was submitted to Council. Our Council is Blacktown Council for anyone who doesn't know The Ponds area.

Let the waiting game begins.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Electrical Plan

We find it that not a lot of people sharing their electrical plan. So We'd like to share ours.

I'm a techie guy and I'm interested what other people's doing with their electrical. Please let me know if you came across any electrical plans on people's blog somewhere. I'd like to check them out.

I've also requested to have DATA cabling everywhere because The Ponds is NBN estate and I'd like to distribute all of our media from one place. I came across HDBaseT standard that appears to be using DATA cabling CAT5e to distribute Audio/Video.

I also go a bit over the top on the Ground Floor because a lot of tips from Homeone Forum that it's hard to re-wire the Ground Floor once completed.

Our Colour Selections

This is our colour selection:

Bricks: Austral - Symmetry Earth
Roof: Bristile Coal Classic Shingle
Fascia/Gutter: Dune/Monument
Garage Door: Panel Lift Profile - Contemporary in Dune
Driveway: Bluestone
Moroka Finish: Coffee Cake

CaesarStone: Snow
Cabinet: Poly Laminex White on top and Laminex Nocturne Oak on the bottom

Bathroom and Laundry:
CaesarStone: Urban
Cupboard: Laminex Burnished Wood

Window: Pearl White

Wall: Taubmans Martini
Stairwell Wall: Taubmans Woodland Grove

Carpet: Redbook Green - Natural Haven - Stairs and First Fl
TimberFloor: Timbernate Brushbox - Most Ground Fl

we chose the middle silverry one