Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 19: Last week for the year

Mon 16 Dec 2013 - Sun 22 Dec 2013

This is the last week for the build for this year. Unfortunately we do not have handover before Christmas as we'd hoped for. Nevertheless the build has been so far has been consistent to what the Site Supervisor had planned.

The progress so far are the electricals and bits and pieces such as sink, tap, etc are all done. What's left to do for next year are the shower screens and flooring. We're going to have Timbernate Brushbox flooring for most of ground floor and Redbook Green Sustainable Carpet for first floor.

Then last but not least the cleaning of the house and PCI. Yes PCI was estimated to be early Feb because SS will be back after the 20 Jan. Not sure if there will be any work between end of this week until end of Jan. Hope so.

For anyone reading this, have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2014. Be safe.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 18: Painting and more

Mon 9 Dec 2013 - 15 Dec 2013

Monday: This week SS told us is the week for painting. At the same time there are few things for the tiler to finish as well. We'll post some pictures later in the week when we visited the site.

Monday update: dotgif reported to us that and I quote ".. at 10:15am and saw several vehicles there: a van backed onto your future driveway, 2 utes out front and a car. I saw one tradie near the rear-side window of the leisure room performing brush stroke-like movements so can only assume painting has commenced?"
YAY. Painting has commenced just as SS told us. Thanks dotgif..

Wednesday: Today DW visited the site and reported that kitchen caesarstone has been installed. All the vanity sink and caesarstone all done. Tiles around the bathrooms are done, except the grouts. Most of the internal areas including ceilings and walls are all painted. More pictures a bit later.

Thursday: Today I met with WH landscapes to finalise the landscape plan which includes retaining wall, site prep and driveway. Meanwhile electricians were installing the sockets, light battens, cooker exhaust, all my data point etc. tillers grout most of the tiles. 

Cat6 data point terminates

Ensuite nische


Stairs hand rail painted. 

Powder room

Light battens installed in kitchen

Exhaust for cooker installed. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 17: More tiling and prep for painting next week

Monday: tiling in laundry completed.

From this last week:

To this on Monday:

update: No more pictures unfortunately. Hopefully next week we'll find access inside for more pictures.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 16: Tiling and kitchen cabinets

Mon 25 Nov 2013 - Sun 1 Dec 2013

Monday: no picture update yet. I haven't visited the site last weekend. Too many things going on. The plan for this week as far as I know is tiling the wet areas. 

Got a call from the gas installer wishing to install the gas this morning. 

Thursday: most of the job now are inside. Since we cannot get inside and we haven't get a chance to visit, hopefully tomorrow, we don't know what happen. But our friend dotgif gave us another shot from the outside showing that front porch tile has been done. 

But he sent another photo which look like a leaking/overflowing from the sewer manhole. I've sent this to SS and ask for his advise. 

Saturday: went for a visit and I cannot get in. All doors are locked. But I can see that kitchen cabinets have been installed, light points has been moved to my requests, aircon vents holes cut, toilet tiles has been installed, front porch tile done, gas meter done. 

Kitchen cabinet colour are Nocturne Oak with Gloss white polyurethane. 

Pantry doors are also in Laminex Nocturne Oak

Laundry cabinet in Laminex Burnished Wood

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 15: Lock up and kitchen cabinetry

Mon 18 Nov 2013 - Sun 24 Nov 2013

The plans for this week are continue cornices, doors to be delivered, carpenter to install doors, garage door scheduled for delivery this week which SS mentioned that usually the date and time is unreliable :-), waterproofing, kitchen cabinet booked in for this week too. So many things are going on this week. We shall see. 

Front door installed. Garage door not yet delivered so not fully locked up yet. 

Tuesday: some pictures from Tuesday afternoon. Thanks to dotgif. 

Wednesday: got news that garage door is installed. Kitchen cabinetry is also installed. 

The garage door is in Colorbond Dune

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 14: more Gyprocking and stairs

Mon 11 Nov 2013 - Sun 17 Nov 2013

More gyprocking this week. Cornices  done on some area, lower bricks now cleaned, electrician already back to pull the cables out from behind the gyprocks.

Plan for next week are stairs, carpenter to install doors and then we're in lockup stage, then also kitchen cabinet and waterproofing for next week too. Wow lots of happening. 

Wow. The stairs has been delivered and installed today


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 13: Wall Insulation and Gyprock

Mon 4 Nov 2013 - Sun 10 Nov 2013

Monday: Wall Insulation to start and finish today. Tomorrow tuesday is the day gyprocks to be delivered. Not sure if gyprock-ing can start tomorrow. 

Thanks to one lovely homeone forum user 'dotgif' and our friend who live nearby for sending us these photos. 

Cladding to front of house and eaves above cladding were installed today. 

Blueboard texture based sheeting to the rear of the house was also installed today. 

Wall insulations appear to be installed throughout. 

Tuesday: Gyprocks are delivered. 

Friday and Saturday: they work on Saturday to finish off the gyprocking



Home theatre

View to living area from dining area