Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 16: Tiling and kitchen cabinets

Mon 25 Nov 2013 - Sun 1 Dec 2013

Monday: no picture update yet. I haven't visited the site last weekend. Too many things going on. The plan for this week as far as I know is tiling the wet areas. 

Got a call from the gas installer wishing to install the gas this morning. 

Thursday: most of the job now are inside. Since we cannot get inside and we haven't get a chance to visit, hopefully tomorrow, we don't know what happen. But our friend dotgif gave us another shot from the outside showing that front porch tile has been done. 

But he sent another photo which look like a leaking/overflowing from the sewer manhole. I've sent this to SS and ask for his advise. 

Saturday: went for a visit and I cannot get in. All doors are locked. But I can see that kitchen cabinets have been installed, light points has been moved to my requests, aircon vents holes cut, toilet tiles has been installed, front porch tile done, gas meter done. 

Kitchen cabinet colour are Nocturne Oak with Gloss white polyurethane. 

Pantry doors are also in Laminex Nocturne Oak

Laundry cabinet in Laminex Burnished Wood

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