Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 18: Painting and more

Mon 9 Dec 2013 - 15 Dec 2013

Monday: This week SS told us is the week for painting. At the same time there are few things for the tiler to finish as well. We'll post some pictures later in the week when we visited the site.

Monday update: dotgif reported to us that and I quote ".. at 10:15am and saw several vehicles there: a van backed onto your future driveway, 2 utes out front and a car. I saw one tradie near the rear-side window of the leisure room performing brush stroke-like movements so can only assume painting has commenced?"
YAY. Painting has commenced just as SS told us. Thanks dotgif..

Wednesday: Today DW visited the site and reported that kitchen caesarstone has been installed. All the vanity sink and caesarstone all done. Tiles around the bathrooms are done, except the grouts. Most of the internal areas including ceilings and walls are all painted. More pictures a bit later.

Thursday: Today I met with WH landscapes to finalise the landscape plan which includes retaining wall, site prep and driveway. Meanwhile electricians were installing the sockets, light battens, cooker exhaust, all my data point etc. tillers grout most of the tiles. 

Cat6 data point terminates

Ensuite nische


Stairs hand rail painted. 

Powder room

Light battens installed in kitchen

Exhaust for cooker installed. 

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