Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 23: Site Cleaned, fence down, flooring

Mon 3 Feb 2014 - Sun 9 Feb 2014

Monday: Site Cleaned today.

Good news and Bad news.
Bad news is I forgot to put aside some bricks to be used for the mailbox. :-(
The Good news is the site cleaned, :-) and some other bit and pieces like shower screen and wardrobe shelving is done from last week.

UPDATE: Thanks to our friend from the forum, dotgif, sent us a picture that shows the cleaner left one lot of bricks for us. SS actually remember that I asked him many2 months ago to leave some for mailbox.
So there's no bad news after all. :-)

Termite Control installed around the house

Fence taken down

Flooring with Timbernate Brushbox started

Side retaining wall started

Friday: Driveway framework in place. Now I need to put the conduits before the concrete starts

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