Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 24: Carpet, PCI, Driveway, NBN

Mon 10 Feb 2014 - Sun 16 Feb 2014

Monday: carpet is being installed today and PCI on tomorrow.

Tuesday: Finally done the PCI today. Finally as well meet our SS for the first time. He is just a nice person. Very patient to go through each room, outside and inside. He explained about the termite guard and few things about the handover. The handover date is .... next Wednesday... :-) YAY!!

PCI wise, We couldn't find any big issues.. pretty much excellent craftmanship build. Few small things like 1 brick chipped to be replaced, a few bricks to be cleaned with tradies hand marks everywhere and several un-sealed lines around the windows and corners. The SS has been very meticulous. He said he will be putting lots of blue dots for the painters to touch up tomorrow too. The painters will not like it but that's their job. :-)

Wednesday: Driveway Framework finalise today

Thursday: Driveway is done

Friday: NBN is done

Thats from a mobile. It's higher from desktop. As high as 90Mbps. 

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